- Centre Waste Shower Base
- Rear Waste Shower Base
- Channel Shower Base

- 900x900
- 900x1200
- 900x1500
- 900x1800
- 900x2000

We also offer custom made

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Custom made panels, Integrated with stylish channel grate.

Fast Installation

The balconies are custom made in our factory, making it fast to be installed by our trained installers.

Ready for tiling

Our panels are waterproofed and Integrated with stylish channel grate. Making our balconies ready for tiling.

Custom made

Our versatile panels allow us to adapt the balconies according with the size you need.

Key Features

(XPS) Foam Floor Boards

– Temperature limit is up to +70º C.

– Highly resistant to compression and withstands both occasional and long term static loads.

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