Shower Niche

- Centre Waste Shower Base
- Rear Waste Shower Base
- Channel Shower Base

- 900x900
- 900x1200
- 900x1500
- 900x1800
- 900x2000

We also offer custom made

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Shower Niche

The pre-fabricated shower niche is reinforced with a fibre glass mesh and acrylic, a system unique to Limco.

Fast Installation

All Niches are assembled in our factory. Taking approximately 15 minutes to install. Our trained installers will take care of it.

Ready for tiling

The Niches have insulation properties and are waterproofed. And they are ready for tiling.

Custom made

Our versatile panels allow us to adapt the Niches according with the size you need.

Key Feature

The design makes it easy to be sealed with the wall boards

The Niches have insulation properties and are waterproof.

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